Sound Check Supports Business Accounts

Six reasons you should work with Sound Check

1. Save time

We’ll come to you!  We know you’re busy, so let us save you drive time.

2. Save money

We’ll make sure you’re on the best plan possible.  Every dollar we save you is a dollar you can invest in your business.

3. Knowledgable Support

Email not working?  Battery draining faster than usual?  We can provide the experience and knowledge your business needs to keep running.

4. Promote Local Business

Be proud that you made the choice to shop local and support small business in your community.

5. Huge Selection of Accessories

You want the latest and greatest.  Fortunately, we work hard to make sure we’re always stocked with cutting edge products and accessories.

6. People you can trust

Our award-winning team will always look out for your best interest.  You deserve someone on your side.  Call us or stop in today!

Sound Check


1134 Mountain Bay Dr.
Pulaski, Wisconsin
(920) 822-8555
MON-FRI: 9-6
SAT: 9-1
SUN: Closed


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