You DON’t Have to be there.


The same traits that make the Spartan GoCam ideal for capturing game; stealth, portability, and ease of use, also make it ideal for use around the home and in a variety of security roles. Seeing images in near real time, directly on your smart phone or on a web portal, can be very helpful if security is a concern.


The Spartan GoCam is fully self contained needing only a useable cellular signal to function as intended. The Spartan GoCam allows for the monitoring of the quality of game as well as their patterns without contaminating the area with scent. See images of what is happening in near real time, sent directly to your smart phone or web portal.


Knowledge is power in the business world, and Spartan cameras deliver high quality information in near real time. With countless possible uses including site monitoring, equipment monitoring, basic security or any specialized need where near real time images are need. Spartan cameras can be put in place quickly and easily.

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