“The Boombot REX is an evolved ultra-portable speaker with revolutionary acoustics and modern industrial design. Featuring a noise-canceling microphone and a built-in clip, this versatile speaker allows you to stay connected with your friends and your music while keeping your phone safely in your pocket.”

I always contemplate bringing in bluetooth speakers to sell at Sound Check that are under $100.. as you never know what you’re going to get from sound quality, to durability. When I came across the Boombotix Rex speaker I figured i’d step out of the norm and give it a try. Ordered a few in, pulled them out of the box, listened to them for the first time… First reaction? WOW!

For a small speaker, this thing can really let out some quality sound! The Rex has a clip on the back which is great for attaching to pants while on the go, hooking to a backpack, outside while hanging by the pool, or even for just relaxing in your bedroom… this speaker is perfect!

Best part, is the Rex normally retails at $59.99… while supplies last at Sound Check we have them for only $29.99! Be sure to check these out at your next visit, and pick up one of your own.

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