Imagine the day when you won’t have to carry your phone around to get your text messages and calls. Wait, that day is already here!

The moment Cellcom released they were going to sell the Apple Watch, I knew I had to have it. Technology has advanced so much, it is mind-blowing.

When I’m not working at Sound Check, I am a full time college student. I attend Bellin College for ultrasound. When I’m running around doing labs, clinicals, or practicing, it is so convenient to only be wearing my watch and not carry my phone on me. I have everything at the touch of my finger tips. The watch allows me to check my texts, answer calls, set timers or check the time; the possibilities are endless for this product.

When I took a mini vacation to Wisconsin Dells, I wore my watch to the waterpark with me. The Series 2 is fully waterproof! I submerged it fully in water, went down the waterslides with it, and even tried the surfing attraction with it.

The capabilities of the Apple Watch is truly amazing. It is a convenient product that is definitely worthwhile to have.

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